Battle of the Blues

Woke up
The light it hurt my head
Sometimes I feel
I’d be better off dead
Ain’t got a thing to lose in my
Battle of the blues

Stumble to the kitchen
Drink in caffeine pot
Fight traffic for miles
Ten hours I rot
At work I’m bound to lose in my
Battle for the blues

So now I’m drinkin’ courage
Courage by the shot
When that don’t do the trick
I try smoking quite a lot
It’s a never ending war
Losing inches every day
A little bit every day
Gonna be six feet pretty soon in my
Battle of the blues

Love on the rocks
Lord you know how its a curse
You’d have to admit it babe
It don’t get much worse
Guess she had a right to choose
but know I’m battlin’ them blues

Words and music by Private Gripweed