Stone City Rocks

A musical tribute to legendary concert promoter Jack Orbin and Stone City Attractions. Thanks for all the great shows Jack and for all the good times and unforgettable memories.


I remember a time I remember a place
Back when rock and roll ruled the radio waves

Waitin’ in line for the sold out show
got my girl and my tickets
come on let’s go

Stone City Rocks
Stone City Rolls

The music turns up
and the lights go down
so spark it up baby
and pass it around

Stone City Rocks
Stone City Rolls

Stone City sold out their shows but they never sold out their souls
We didn’t mind waiting in line cause you know we’d have a helluva time

The show is over
but the night ain’t through
come on pretty baby
I’m goin’ home with you

Stone City Rocks
Stone City Rolls

If you ever have a chance to go back in time you outta see a Stone City show
You gotta see and hear everything, everything ya need to know

Words and music by Private Gripweed