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by on Apr.08, 2014, under Uncategorized

You’ve done it. You’ve done found PrivateGripweed.com. The site where I share some of my original music and talk about lots of different things going on in the world that are dear to my heart.

Most of the topics I will be discussing will be pretty heavy in nature such as the engineering of society and reality. I also hope to find time to blog about my numerous musical influences. These areas kind of converge in a way when I think about how the original Private Gripweed, John Lennon, spent such a large part of his public life being overtly political. And although he did this using a variety of media, he reached the most people and was most influential through his truly incredible talent as a songwriter.

From rock ‘n roll songs that make you want to shout and dance to moving love songs and ballads Lennon was like no other. And as he matured, when he chose to set his sights on a target worthy of his anger and venom — look out! It was this political animal in him along with his combination of sheer talent and a young and vast audience that turned out to be both blessing and curse. Lennon’s ideas for society that he expressed so eloquently in his song Imagine, was a vision polar opposite to the ruling class’ nightmarish scheme for a New World Order. Lennon was such a perceived threat to the “establishment” that plans drawn up to silence him actually went operational when he decided to come out of self-imposed retirement. I’m pretty sure as hell he did not want to be a martyr but that role was chosen for him in this Shakespearean tragedy.

John Lennon was the cultural leader of a generation who was spreading the extremely dangerous idea that all you need is love. And for this he had to be taken out. It is in this spirit of spreading the dangerous idea of love that I try and live my day in the life. To become in a sense a disciple of yet another bearded long-haired man spreading a message of love.

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